President-Elect Barack Obama’s Victory Speech – “Change has come to America”

Just in case you missed President-Elect Barack Obama’s victory speech given on Tuesday, Nov. 4th, here it is. (Or if you are like me and want to hear it again and again.) It is as inspiring 3 days later as it was on the day it was given. America will never forget these words and this historic day.


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Election ’08: R&B/Gospel Sensation Mary Mary on Obama’s Historic Win

Last night at the Obama California Headquarters Election Night celebration, I caught up with Grammy Award-Winning R&B/Gospel sensation, Mary Mary. They were the lead act for the Obama party. The duo just released their new album “The Sound,” which hit #1 on Billboard’s Christian & Gospel Album Charts, #2 On The Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart, and #7 On The Billboard Top 200.  They performed their current lead single, “Get Up” and the platinum-selling hit “Shackles.”

The ladies were excited about Senator Barack Obama’s historic presidential win. The duo has believed in his candidacy since he appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” They even attended Obama fundraisers, did “word-of-mouth” campaigns, and worked with BET to get out the youth vote to support their candidate.

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Interview, Multimedia Producing & Editing: The Caramel Bella

Black Muslim Says Race, Not Religion, Is the Issue

He looks like most Americans (well, African Americans). And you definitely can’t tell he is a Muslim by his appearance. So, it would be difficult to target him based on his religion.

“I look like a regular black man in Washington, DC,” said Omari West, a 35-year old American Sunni Muslim. “Do I get targeted as a black man, now that’s another case?”

Although West acknowledges that religious bigotry against Muslims exists in the United States, he believes the primary issue is still race.

Some Americans still “cling” to the inaccurate beliefs that Sen. Barack Obama is a Muslim or was sworn into Congress on the Koran instead of the bible. And as shown in a recent McCain rally, there is a portion of the American population who believes Obama is an Arab. And they’ll shout it as an insult to prove it.

West, who was born into his Islamic faith, says the Arab slur is a cover for their true beliefs.

“It’s no longer politically palatable for people to openly admit that they don’t favor a candidate because of his skin color. [African Americans] have gone through a long hard battle in this country to win the right of dignity and respect, at least in the public square.”

West attributes the veiled use of the word, Arab or Muslim, as a code word for “other” or an even more derogatory word used against Black people.

“It’s more convenient and less controversial for someone to call Obama a Muslim then it would be to call him the n-word.” That’s how the coding works.

West explained how that process occurs in multiple unconscious, yet subversive, psychological steps.

First, to tarnish Obama’s reputation, his enemies use his name Barack Hussein Obama to distinguish him and thereby paint him as an “other.” In the senator’s case, all three of his names are easily associated with the Islamic faith, said West.

“The name, Barack Hussein Obama, is of east African derivation,” said West. “It’s Arabic.”

West says the next stage is “to paint him as an enemy by associating him with Arabic and Muslim extremists.”

Obama’s middle name has received a lot of media attention because of its similarity to the notorious Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Hussein, who committed violent acts against his own people, was a Sunni Muslim.

“All of the Arab talk is code word for his skin color and voicing disapproval as a form of racial bigotry, which can’t be openly discussed,” said West.

West, who is an American-born Muslim, thinks that the veiled Arab attacks against Obama are working. He thinks the focus on race can be shown in Obama’s wavering support among union workers despite their leadership’s endorsement.

West, a graduate of Columbia’s law school and its undergraduate journalism school explained:

“Usually democrats are pro-labor because of the economic issues. They push for higher wages, unionization, etc. As a result, union workers generally vote Democratic. There is a question now whether the rank and file members will follow behind the union leaders and vote for Barack. The argument could be made that people care more about racial and cultural issues than economic.”

A recent New York Times article points to race as a reason for Obama’s lack of support from union members.

“I think race is playing a major part,” said Mac Davis Slade, a political activist with the painters’ union, to the NYT. “I think that’s why some people say, ‘Isn’t he a Muslim?’”

Although race and religion are being used against Sen. Obama, West said it is part of the reason he is supporting him for president.

“I do think those reasons – his race, culture, name and experience – go into making him the person that he is today. They are not separate from what he brings to the table. However, the most important reason is I think he’s the most competent person for the job,” said West.

The owner of his own international economic consulting firm, West explained that Obama was his choice because of his leadership on several issues like the war. He also admired the Senator’s qualifications as a legislator and his impact on international relations if elected.

In terms of overall voting patterns for Muslims, West thinks they historically lean right on moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage. However, in this election people of all religions will have to consider a hierarchy of issues, which include national security, education, civil rights and civil liberties. And on these political issues, West said Muslims lean left or Democratic. A 2007 Pew study confirms that only 11% of Muslims lean right or consider themselves Republican and 63% identify with the Democratic party.

“It’s not because we’re any less pro-life or in favor of gay marriage from a faith standpoint. There are other factors that our lives depend on in this race,” said West.

He hopes the next president sets a tone of tolerance, and encourages a sharing of ideas and strengths among people of difference. This leader would point to how the variation among faiths and traditions all come from the same source, God.

Quoting from the 49:13 verse in the Koran, West states, “We have created you of a male and a female, and made you tribes and families that you may know each other.” For him, this statement means we learn more about ourselves by encountering and understanding the “other.”

“We are all brothers and sisters under God,” says West, “we’re all viewed as equals.”

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Live Bloggin’ at P+P on the Final Presidential Debate

Check out Pop + Politics site. Yours truly was live bloggin’ about the final presidential debate. The staff and readers were able to comment on the candidates, the issues, and just joke on the whole thing. What fun!

-The Caramel Bella

Who’s Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy?

Back in July, McCain accused Obama of pulling the race card after Obama told supporters in Missouri that he didn’t look like the other presidents on the dollar bill. Well now, someone “loosely” associated with the McCain & Palin duo is truly showcasing the race issue. However, in this particular case, I’m not sure it’s believable.

According to a video circulating around YouTube, an African American guy named Kevin is claiming to be the father of Bristol Palin’s baby. He says that Bristol was sexually intimate with him “outside of her relationship” with Levi Johnston, the reported father. He even asks Bristol to call him, and he would take the video off YouTube.

Kevin actually blames race as the reason the truth about the child’s paternity is being kept a secret. In the video, he said:

I didn’t want to pull the race card but feel like Ms. Palin (he mispronounced as PAL-in, not PAY-lin) is keeping me away from my child to keep her political career in good standing. She understands that an African American male being the father of her child wouldn’t be best for her career.

The kicker to this paternity video is that old Kevin doesn’t agree with Gov. Palin’s politics, and is voting for Obama. And it probably comes as no surprise; Kevin is a “musician working on his urban rap career in LA.”


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Obama family on September Essence cover
Obama Family on Essence


Check out the September issue of Essence magazine. It features the Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama’s family. I don’t want to spoil the story so pick up your copy today.

Beautiful! Where is the McCain family? John & Cindy McCain get out there!


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Happy Belated Birthday Barack Obama!!




Happy Belated Birthday Barack Obama!!


The Democratic Presidential Candidate celebrated his 47th birthday yesterday (August 4th) at a Boston fundraiser. According to a Los Angeles times piece, here is what Obama wanted for his birthday.


“I asked Barack what he wanted for his birthday, and he said three things: Indiana, Colorado and Virginia,” said (John) Kerry (D-Mass), the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee. “That’s it.”


Obama also opened some presents.


The first was a Red Sox shirt.


“As a White Sox fan, this hurts a little bit,” he said.


The next was . . . a White Sox shirt.


“Here we go. That’s what I’m talking about!” Obama said.


Way to keep it real. Happy b-day Obama!




McCain attack ad on Obama’s celebrity status

Just in case you hadn’t seen this ridiculous McCain ad that attacks Obama by calling him a celebrity and questions his ability to lead. It features Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, which are odd celebrity choices to pair with Obama. (By the way, Hilton’s parents were pissed about her association with this ad. McCain: you should have called.) Strangely, McCain didn’t use any of People’s magazine top celebrities like Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey or Angelina Jolie. I wonder why? I will let you draw your own conclusions. Please post your comments.

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