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Stuck in ice? Five weary dolphins are trapped behind a drifting pack of ice off the coast of Sea Cove, Newfoundland. They have been stuck in this shrinking area for four days and are in urgent need of rescue. Somehow the dolphins got separated from the open Atlantic, said Mayor Winston May of the Canadian province. According to an expert from the Whale Release and Strandings group, the dolphins will drown if the ice continues to cover the open area. The dolphins need to surface above water in order to breath.  At the moment, the Canadian federal Fisheries Department does not have an icebreaker to send.  Sadly, the dolphins are crying out for help..literally. “They’re not going to survive much longer,” said May. “You can hear (the dolphins) crying all night long,” he said. Hopefully, Canada will figure out a way to rescue the dolphins before it’s too late.

Paying for pollution? You betcha. BP Products North America, the international energy company, will shell out almost $180 million to settle a Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency pollution case. Back in March 2005, an explosion and fire killed 15 people and injured more than 170. The British oil company division will pay $161 million for pollution controls, another $12 million in penalties (whoa!) and then yet another $6 million for an air pollution reduction project near their refinery in Texas.The company already plead guilty to breaking the Clean Air Act and will pay $50 million in fees. Somehow, it doesn’t seem like these expensive environmental mishaps are hurting this company.


Bryant Park

New York Fashion Week Goes Green. By adding recycling bins for bottles, cans, aluminum, glass, plastic and cardboard, Coca-Cola Recycling LLC helped the Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week Fall 2009 Collections, Feb. 13-20 make a green statement. Twenty-five bins were placed throughout the Bryant Park complex to allow anyone to “Give It Back.” See you can have style and be green too! Hopefully, other major fashion events will partner with Coke or other recycling companies to make being green chic!

The Caramel Bella

Lorne S. Wellington Makes Bras Beautiful Again for Breast Cancer Survivors

I was recently tipped off to the accomplishment of one exceptional lady! Lorne S. Wellington of Sculpted Silhouette in Culver City, Calif. is doing really good work. Known as “The Chief Bra Lady,” Wellington has created a product called “The Bra Pocket,” which allows women who underwent a mastectomy due to breast cancer to wear regular bras. “This multi-colored disc-shaped pocket transforms almost any bra into a prosthetic bra,” said Wellington. “No longer do you have to choose from limited styles and designs for bras.” This pocket device goes a long way in the emotional aspect of losing a breast, which may leave some women feeling unbalanced and unattractive. Breast cancer survivors can now wear any bra of their choosing. How empowering!

Sculpted Silhouette also “fits, sells and educates women of all shapes and sizes about bras and the right fit.” I encourage all the ladies out there to check her out.

To women doing great things,

The Caramel Bella

Shorts for studs?

Shorts for studs?

Shorts for studs?

Apparently, there is a new trend in office wear – shorts for men. In an article published in today’s New York Times, men are now showing off their knees and ankles at work. To this Caramel Bella, this increased degree of male bareness at work looks a bit scary. I was wondering what the rest of you think. Check out the pictures and weigh in on the poll.



The Caramel Bella

Erykah Badu in White Patchouli ads

Tom Ford is launching a new fragrance called White Patchouli. And the beautiful, Grammy Award-winning singer and neo-soul diva, Erykah Badu, will grace a series of black and white ads for the product. Patchouli is a hippy, bohemian ingredient that will match Ms. Eccentric herself. The perfume will be available in September.

Badu is quoted on the style.com blog as crediting the collaboration to a “mutual respect and admiration” between herself and the former Gucci group designer. “I trusted him to pair my image with a fragrance that was exquisite, and he did that and more,” she says. “I look forward to working with him again.”

Although I am a Clinique “Happy” or “Chanel #22″ girl, I plan to give it a whiff.


The Caramel Bella

High-powered fashions..really!

Ever wonder what to wear when you get late 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond? Or perhaps you are just looking for sophisticated attire for a high-powered business event. Women like Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields, Susan Sarandon and even politico Condoleezza Rice turn to designer label Akris for their sleek and powerful designs.

But power comes with a price. According to a New York Times article today, a mere jacket sells for $4,000 – even in this sluggish market. And a gown retails for a whopping $9,950. I suppose modern, innovative, career styles don’t come cheap. And the women buying the fashions aren’t looking for inexpensive. They are looking for designs specifically for them and not their more youthful counterparts. It’s where maturity meets sleek, instead of youth meets flirty.
I’m definitely impressed. I know whom to call when I am finally on-air broadcasting about the day’s news and politics. You can bet I’ll be wearing Akris or wishing that I was.

The Caramel Bella

Fashion returns to television

I don’t know about you bellas, but tonight is a big night. If you have to ask, then I will question your fashion commitment. Tonight, my sweeties, is the season premiere of Bravo’s Project Runway season 5. And many of us have been waiting on pins and needles for its arrival.

If you are an avid watcher, you know that we can count on a reality show that is full of drama (a reality show standard) but creativity too. And honestly, at this point in the show, we have no idea who will win. So we are in for a ride.

And who can miss the beautiful Heidi Klum, whose life seems to perfect beyond compare. (I’m adding her to my girl crushes.) Beautiful, great body, great husband (Seal), cute kids and an award-winning television show. What more do you need?

We can also catch the crème de la crème of American designers: Michael Kors, Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia (Elle “editor at large”). Plus, the show promises some really cool guest celebrity judges. RuPaul (whoa!), Diane Von Furstenberg, Brooke Shields (modeling icon) and LL Cool J (king of 30 & over sexy) are on the list. Need I say more.

If you check out Bravo’s site, you can get the scoop on the 16 new contestants. We have 2 hailing from my sunny hometown of Los Angeles. But I’m wishing all of them the best of luck. May the most fabulous one win!

Check your local listings for show times. I’m getting the popcorn ready.

The Caramel Bella

Bellas still buy designer shades…

The New York Times has a great article today about the growing sales of designer sunglasses. Despite the sagging economy, consumers are still paying big dough (in excess of $250) for brand name shades.

Now I must admit, this story hits really close to home for me. Although I’ve always been a designer sunglasses bella, I have a love-hate relationship with them. Why is that the designer shades get stolen, lost or frankly just disappear but the cheapos will follow me to the grave.

NYC story number one. So, last Thursday I head to Jersey with the hubby to shop and spend time with my family. My Chanel glasses perched on top of my head in their normal resting spot. (I always wear them like a headband. They double as a hair accessory because they keep my hair out of my face.) Well after a day of shopping, mani’s and pedi’s, and dinner at Bonefish Grill (love it), the glasses have disappeared. As I am in a NYC cab headed to Penn Station on Friday, I discover that my Chanel’s are missing.

What’s any Bella to do? I turn the cab around and had back to my NYC studio. My optimism kicks in. The glasses have to be in my car or my apartment. After enlisting my husband’s searching abilities for the car, I look all around my 400 s.f. apartment. They are nowhere to be found. My heart is broken.

I know that I was way too attached to my Chanel’s. I miss them incredibly. And I honestly can’t imagine walking around NYC or LA (especially Los Angeles) without my designer shades. These $10 knockoffs just won’t do. So, now I am trying to figure out a way to replace my Chanel babies!

So, bellas, I understand your love, far and wide, for the designer sunglasses. No outfit is complete without a fabulous bag and some designer shades (Chanel, Dior or Versace please).


The Caramel Bella

Oldie but goodie hair saver

Over the weekend, I discovered an oldie but goodie hair saver – - the scarf. Think seventies! This age old item comes in so many fashionable varieties. I personally used a bandana. Believe it or not, I walked around all of New York City yesterday with a white and black bandana on. However, I was coordinated with white yoga pants and v-neck t-shirt. I was headed to yoga and discovered this great necessity to keep your curls or straight hair frizz-free. As I was on the subway feeling a bit self-conscious (I was worried that I looked like a cancer patient), I noticed a couple of women donning chic scarves. So, next time I need a hair cover to prevent a frizz-box of a head, I will wear a scarf. What a hair saver!



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