Weave Saves Life..Unbeweaveable

We all know that hair weaves are the latest beauty craze. From Beyonce to Britney Spears, most celebs are donning hair extensions to look even more fab (which is highly debatable). But what if weaves served a greater purpose? Like saving someone’s life? That’s what a Kansas City woman claims. After ending an 8-month relationship with her boyfriend, Briana Bonds says he tried to shoot her after an incident in a grocery store parking lot. Instead of the bullet reaching her head, it got lodged in her tightly woven weave! “I now believe the weave paused the bullet, and didn’t let it go any further. Really I think God was in my passenger seat. He protected me,” said Bonds to police officers on the scene. This whole story is just unbeweaveable…

Lorne S. Wellington Makes Bras Beautiful Again for Breast Cancer Survivors

I was recently tipped off to the accomplishment of one exceptional lady! Lorne S. Wellington of Sculpted Silhouette in Culver City, Calif. is doing really good work. Known as “The Chief Bra Lady,” Wellington has created a product called “The Bra Pocket,” which allows women who underwent a mastectomy due to breast cancer to wear regular bras. “This multi-colored disc-shaped pocket transforms almost any bra into a prosthetic bra,” said Wellington. “No longer do you have to choose from limited styles and designs for bras.” This pocket device goes a long way in the emotional aspect of losing a breast, which may leave some women feeling unbalanced and unattractive. Breast cancer survivors can now wear any bra of their choosing. How empowering!

Sculpted Silhouette also “fits, sells and educates women of all shapes and sizes about bras and the right fit.” I encourage all the ladies out there to check her out.

To women doing great things,

The Caramel Bella

Halle Berry Wins Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman” Alive Award

I have to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Halle Berry. Esquire magazine voted her the new “Sexiest Woman Alive.” Forty-two years old looks so good on her. It gives the rest of us hope as we continue to age.

Berry said, “I share this title with every woman, because every woman is a nominee for it at any moment.

The Caramel Bella

Erykah Badu in White Patchouli ads

Tom Ford is launching a new fragrance called White Patchouli. And the beautiful, Grammy Award-winning singer and neo-soul diva, Erykah Badu, will grace a series of black and white ads for the product. Patchouli is a hippy, bohemian ingredient that will match Ms. Eccentric herself. The perfume will be available in September.

Badu is quoted on the style.com blog as crediting the collaboration to a “mutual respect and admiration” between herself and the former Gucci group designer. “I trusted him to pair my image with a fragrance that was exquisite, and he did that and more,” she says. “I look forward to working with him again.”

Although I am a Clinique “Happy” or “Chanel #22″ girl, I plan to give it a whiff.


The Caramel Bella

2 Current Lip Favs

For those of you that know me, you know that I am a sucker for lip gloss. I am always trying to find the perfect one. What would the perfect gloss look or feel like you ask? For me, the characteristics would include: high shine, long lasting, great color, not drying to the lips (that means not making my lips chapped), low to no fragrance, and low to no taste (unless it is incredibly yummy). Again, this is a very personal thing.

Well, this weekend I tried the new Loreal Infallible gloss in Modern Mauve. I have to say I am pretty impressed with the gloss. And for only $9.99 at your local drug store (Duane Reade in NYC), it’s cheap enough for you to try one out.

The gloss goes on high shine and then dulls a bit, but overall great shine. And the unbelievable part to me is that the gloss stays on and not with the usual sticky or tacky feel. It just stays smooth. And I have tested it with coffee cups and silver ware. Loreal says it is the “6 hour, never fail lipgloss gloss.” So far, so good.

And I am a fan of the Modern Mauve color. For a caramel bella, it is the perfect pink – natural looking with a bit of color and pop.

I must admit that I haven’t worn it straight for 3-4 days to do a true “drying on lips test”. But it works well alone or with my favorite chapstick at the moment, Burt Bee’s Beeswax Lip Balm.

I could go on and on for days about Burt’s lip balm. It’s light, smooth and has the medicine feel and smell of Carmex without the sting and shine.

Well, that’s my gloss tip of the week. Try both.


The Caramel Bella

White beauty not caramel beauty, huh!

Today, Jezebel posted a saddening piece about beauty in India. According to The Independent, Pond’s (owned by Unilever) is airing a commercial that promotes their product, White Beauty, a skin lightening cream. In the commercial, a dark-skinned Indian woman gets passed over by her boyfriend for a lighter-skinned woman. Guessing that her skin color is the problem, she turns to White Beauty. This commercial says, not so subtly, that light skin women are preferred and dark skinned women will not find love. This commercial is a sad statement on beauty and the after-effects of racism. Across the globe, women, and not just those in America, feel as though caramel or darker skin isn’t beautiful – the lighter the better. This is both scary and sad.

Interesting to note is that Unilever also owns Dove which has the whole campaign about “Love your Body.” Hmm.. anything to make a buck. Love yourself or hate yourself, just as long as they make money. Makes you think.

The commercial is below.

Oldie but goodie hair saver

Over the weekend, I discovered an oldie but goodie hair saver – - the scarf. Think seventies! This age old item comes in so many fashionable varieties. I personally used a bandana. Believe it or not, I walked around all of New York City yesterday with a white and black bandana on. However, I was coordinated with white yoga pants and v-neck t-shirt. I was headed to yoga and discovered this great necessity to keep your curls or straight hair frizz-free. As I was on the subway feeling a bit self-conscious (I was worried that I looked like a cancer patient), I noticed a couple of women donning chic scarves. So, next time I need a hair cover to prevent a frizz-box of a head, I will wear a scarf. What a hair saver!



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